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Be the Parent your Child would love to have

When was the last time you sat with your son and had a good healthy conversation? Last,when did you go with your daughter for shopping? We don’t really keep a count of such things, right?

Childhood is a complicated time phrase, but so is parenthood, as they are directly proportional to each other. As your child grows with that grows his psychological needs, demands and understanding. At times the child fails to express and at times the parents fail to perceive which leads to a distorted childhood.

Now is the time for parents to brush up their science: Science of parenting

Be Friends with them: The early stage of childhood is the most sensitive, the surroundings are new, there are strangers all over and they have just you as their only friends. Now, ‘SCHOOL’ is the biggest introduction in their life. You need to make the child adapt in, this new environment and its belongings; your constant involvement is required. Give the child, the right atmosphere, just dropping them in the morning and getting them back from the school is not your only responsibility. Meet their friends, be in touch with their teachers and stay updated.

Answer their inquisitiveness: As a child grows with his age grows his curiosities, be ready for fresh debates daily. There shall be questions, arguments, discussions but any of these are not wrong rather they should be encouraged. These debates help you to understand your child’s mindset and your job is to satisfy their inquisitiveness, welcome more such arguments to answer all their doubts.

Add Celebration to their life: Be it any age group from primary to college birthdays are very important for every child. Celebrate their birthdays, achievements, events and make them feel you care. Give them a chance to realise how important they are for you. Don’t yell at them for their over-excitements on their birthdays rather gel with them and show the same excitement.

Guide them towards productivity: No matter whether they are primary classes summer holidays or senior classes’ semester break, always encourages your child to use their holidays productively. Always recommend your child to be engaged in learning something new, this will not only add-on to their skills but will also keep them at a distance from inculcating negative habits or wrong indulgence.

Teach them the importance of getting and giving respect: It starts with respect teach, them as torts how important it is to give and get respect. Don’t restrain yourself from checking them at any point of time if they show disrespect or even if they bear disrespect.

Be their Students: Technologies, Television, Video games all are in trend; this is the present scenario and they all are equally important for child’s holistic development. Creating distance between growing technology and your child would be an injustice, but teaching them their right usage is vital. The better way to keep a watch over this would be to become their students. Let them be teachers and narrate you what’s in their mind. Like this, they won’t feel that you are spying on them rather it would account to, healthy involvement.

Keep yourself in their shoes: Before scolding them or interrogating them always keep, yourself in their shoes, get to know why they did so and where did they go wrong. Once you know their side, you would reach to, a better conclusion.

Allow them their Space: Most of the parents get perturbed when their child wants his space. Always allow him his space, give him his time not only it will make him feel independent but he will also become self-reliant, which every parent want his child to be.

Family time is very important: Take out few hours to sit with them and talk, and by talking I, don’t mean about their future goals, percentage and results etc. Just talk about what’s up with their life. Talk with them like a friend, like a student and then as a parent, never demean them. Always watch your behaviour when you are with them, be little extra careful. Don’t disrespect his/her mother in front of him/her because they would be the next one to do the same.

Be the parents your child will love to have. You love them is a fact but showing that love is your responsibility. Make them realise that you just don’t say but you really do care.


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