Things to keep in mind while choosing The Best School for your child


As a parent, one would always make best choices for their children amongst which choosing a best school is one. Choosing a best school for a child is always an important thing for a parent to do. Sometimes young parents face challenges when it comes to choosing the right school. After all, this one decision determines the career and future of the child. Most common questions which arise while choosing a school are:
What would be the necessary parameters for selecting a school?
Which board to choose?
What would be the fees structure?
Will the school offer a holistic approach?

Is the school safe and secured for our children?
And many more….

So, if you are also looking for a school for your child and have some doubts, here are some of the tips which may assist you in this important process.

Never compromise with certain factors

There are certain facilities and features that a school you are choosing must have. These features include – Adequate security and safety of your child, healthy and hygienic environment, sports and fitness facilities and green space for children to play, etc.

Apart from this the must-have feature there are many other things to be considered while choosing a school. If there is anyone who studies or teaches in a particular school, you could get to know from that person about the education quality, classroom environment, teacher – student interaction, values, ethics, and principles followed, etc. Through these things you can get to know about the school in detail.

Experienced Teaching Staff

Right teachers are the ones who make a school perfect place for learning. A school may have all the modern facilities and amenities but without the most crucial thing i.e. the Right Teacher, a school will not be useful for your child. Apart from academic qualification, a teacher should have holistic approach towards education, should have child-friendly perspective and should understand a child emotionally and psychologically. Prior to admission, parents should get in touch with the teachers and try to understand their approach towards children.

Distance from Home and Transportation

Ideally, the school should not be very far from home. This saves time and cost of travelling to a distant place. This also ensures that your child does not get tired after travelling so that he can also spend quality time at home.

In case there is one of the best school in town which is at a distance then don’t keep it as a barrier, but ensure that the school should offer good transportation facility. When we talk about school’s transportation facility we also look after the safety measures, punctuality, technical support like tracking and monitoring of the bus.

Co – Curricular activities

Many schools these days demand the involvement of the child in a lot of different co-curricular activities. While this is a great thing for the overall development of the child, what parents really need to ask is how these co-curricular activities will shape up their child and whether it’s truly necessary to get them involved in all such activities. Good engaging activities develop a child in the best manner.

Visit the school

Before finalizing the school for your child, visit as many schools as you can. Visiting various schools gives you an idea of school’s capabilities to cater the overall development of your child, be it academic or extra- curricular.  By visiting you can observe the school’s maintenance, staff’s behavior, security systems and many more.

During your school visit, try to engage with the principal, teachers, people in charge. Collect information regarding the school, fees, policies and other expenses.

With these tips under your sleeve, you will be better equipped to identify the best school for your child and promise them an education — the benefits of which they will reap for the rest of their life.


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